Blue Top Story

Blue Top Liquor Construction

Before: the old Town & Country Building

Blue Top has been serving Fayetteville since the early 1960’s; however, the legal name up until August 2015 was actually “Town & Country Liquor”. For decades the building had only 3 signs:  “beer”, “wine”, and “liquor” and of course the iconic blue roof.

In 2009, we decided to paint the building the same colors as a Coors Light can to “clean it up” a bit. The awning was painted a bright metallic silver replacing the traditional blue color.  New signs were installed proudly displaying “Town and Country” and then…

Outrage!  Customer after customer complained that the beloved blue awning could certainly not be silver.  Over and over again we heard from students, alumni and residents alike, “how could you possibly paint ‘blue top’ silver?” We got the message and within days the awning was blue again!

Blue Top Liquor — Now Open!

In 2014, when planning began to rebuild Town and Country, it was clear the name needed to change and the building needed to preserve its quintessential roots. Under the direction of local Architects Kim Fugitt and Keith Wheeler, a design emerged that paid homage to the old iconic building that stood proud for more than 70 years and served generations of loyal customers.

The blue “flyover” design is a modern approach to an old theme and will stand tall for generations reminding us that Fayetteville can be funky and innovative while still honoring the past.

Blue Top Liquor opened Friday, August 21, 2015, coincidentally the same day 28,000 students rolled back into town for the 2015 fall semester at the University of Arkansas.  “Go Hogs Go!”

The entire team at Blue Top thanks you for your patronage and friendship!